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Older Couple Wedding Photography

Every couple deserves beautiful memories of their special day, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with several older couples on their wedding days over the last few years. Whether they’ve found love the second time around or were simply waiting for their ‘right time’, the couples I have worked with are all perfect examples of the fact that love is both timeless and ageless!

As with all of my wedding packages, when you choose to work with Piers Photography we’ll start the creative process by meeting at my Naphill studio, your wedding venue or your home so that we can discuss your unique requirements, including the style of photography you’d like (from candid, relaxed shots to more structured and formal styles – and everything in between!) and how and when you’d like us to fit into your day. My wedding day packages start from £1650 but are dependent on the date, location and the number and format of the pictures that you would like. For more information, please visit my Wedding Photography page.

At Piers Photography, we make sure that wedding photography is stress-free and tailored specifically to your needs. Regardless of age, religion, gender or colour, your wedding photographer will be carried out with the same care and attention that all of my customers receive with the help of my hand-picked team of professional photographers and assistants.

If you’d like to have more information about Older Couple Wedding Photography and other photography services or would like to chat about your requirements, please contact us via email: Jonathan@piersphoto.com or telephone: 07787 505786.

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