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Frequently Asked Questions

My friend takes nice photos, can’t I just get them to do it?

Well, yes you can, but ask yourself this: Do you want to put pressure on your friend or do you want them to enjoy your wedding with you? We’ve heard so many sad stories of friends or family members missing key moments, not being able to cope with dark rooms and changing weather, or worse still, getting too drunk to produce quality photography. Why take the risk with the most important day of your life? Chances are they will not have the relevant insurance either, which some venues insist upon. If you need to save money, find savings elsewhere and leave your memories in the capable hands of a professional.

I’ve seen a photographer offering all day coverage for £500 – Why do you cost as much as you do?

Every photographer has the right to charge what they feel is a suitable fee for their work on your wedding. Our rates are based on the amount of coverage you get with us, as well as the amount of preparation, enthusiasm and sheer hard work we will put into your images and albums after the wedding. Our pricing reflects the high quality of our work comparable to many photographers who charge less, it is a simple as that. You’re also paying for two experienced photographers, not a solo and an assistant, so don’t be tempted to compare our fees to someone working alone.

Looking at a photographer and thinking the price seems cheap? Do this quick calculation: take the number of hours they are likely to work with you on the day, add another full 4-5 days of processing time, then total it. Now divide that by the fee – would you work your socks off for that hourly rate? Do you need to consider album design and other products too? If the answer is no then you may get what you pay for.

Can I hire just one of you?

Not for a wedding… We know the high quality of our work stems from the strong partnership we have and the way we work together – it just wouldn’t feel the same doing it alone! This way you can rest assured that whilst one of us is with you both, the other is amongst your guests, capturing the fun. Your wedding day will unfortunately pass so quickly, you won’t feel you’ll have spent enough time with everyone, so that’s where we come in to show you they had a fab time.

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