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Commercial Real Estate Photographer

Empty warehouses, office blocks and retail units aren’t always the most eye-catching locations, but if you’re renting or selling commercial property, you need the images to stand out for all the right reasons. And here, our photography services can help you out!

At Piers Photography, we’ve got extensive experience of commercial real estate photography and are regularly called in to make commercial premises look their very best, whether they are empty or full of people, goods and equipment.

Our Approach

Many Estate Agents have a good eye and a quality camera to hand for simple and quick real estate photography, but if you really want to make a property stand out from the crowd, you need an experienced photographer with a car full of lighting and equipment to make a property look as appealing as possible!

Here’s why you should invest in commercial real estate photography:

  • After more than two and a half decades of professional photography experience, I understand the importance of angles and lighting in real estate photography and always carry a range of lenses, lights, and other photographic equipment that help make the very most of a building’s unique characteristics.
  • It has long been recognised that there is a link between product visuals and a customer’s purchase intentions, so if you really want to make the best first impression when it comes to your commercial property, you need professional help!

If you’d like more information, or would like to chat about your requirements for a Commercial Real Estate Photographer, please contact us via email: or telephone: 07787 505786. You can also take a look at our Real Estate Photography dedicated page and Gallery.

Why Use Piers Photography?

  • Client empathy with a friendly, professional approach
  • Understands the market and the requirements for property photography
  • Only professional digital equipment used
  • Full lighting kit is also carried
  • Fully insured ( £5m Public liability)
  • Fast turnaround
  • Good attention to detail
  • Pictures delivered by “We Transfer” in both hi and low resolution image files
  • Elevated photography available
  • Long term contract prices available
Call : 07787 505 786