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Your Wedding in 2022 and COVID: Things to Consider

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There is no doubt that we are living in challenging times. Not only have many of us been forced to make personal sacrifices, but countless social gatherings have been cancelled or otherwise put on hold. However, there may also instances when the proverbial "show must go on". Your 2022 wedding is a prime example.How can...

What to look for in a wedding photographer

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What to look for in a wedding photographer - top tips from Piers Photography. When it comes to wedding photography, I’m probably considered to be one of the ‘old guard’; when I started, it was commonplace for professional photographers to turn up to a wedding with 6 rolls of film and a detailed ‘shoot list’, identifying...

Selling Commercial Property

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Selling commercial property is often a challenge, but in this period of financial uncertainty (did someone mention Brexit?) it’s even harder for property owners to attract potential renters/buyers. Walking down any high street, there are numerous empty units available for lease or sale. It’s the same in industrial parks and office blocks up and down the...

Professional Headshot Tips

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Professional Headshot Tips from Piers Photography Did you know that LinkedIn has over 575 million users? Nowadays, everyone and their uncle seems to be on the platform, whether they are an entrepreneur or part of a large, multi-national corporation with huge offices dotted around the globe. I’m on LinkedIn too, and as a photographer, there is one...

“I do, take two!”

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“I do, take two!” - finding love later in life or second time around. Not every bride and groom look like they have stepped out of the pages of a wedding magazine. Every single couple I work with is unique – they have their own tastes, their own ideas about what they’d like to capture on...

Is your wedding photographer carrying spare equipment?

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With so many years’ experience helping the amazing brides and grooms of Buckinghamshire as one of the regions leading wedding photographers Buckinghamshire, on their special day Johnathan Hilder of Piers Photography Buckingham as put together some of the most interesting questions you should ask your wedding photographer before the special day. These are the questions...