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Is Your Event Photographer Prepared for the Unexpected?

Is Your Event Photographer Prepared for the Unexpected?

Similar to many successful approaches in life, preparation is everything. This is even more relevant when discussing an important upcoming event. So, the chances are high that you have already addressed several concerns. From the number of guests attending to the venue and the use of catering services, nothing should be left to chance. This is the very same reason why outsourcing the skills of a professional photographer is often a wise strategy.

However, not all photographers are created equally. It is crucial that they are capable of dealing with the decidedly fluid nature of many events. Let’s take a look at some qualities that highlight an expert who is capable of adapting to whatever the day may have in store.

The Right Equipment

Any event photographer must possess the appropriate equipment for the day in question. After all, it makes little sense returning to the studio because a piece of kit is lacking. Here are some common accessories associated with professional photography (1):

  • Filters
  • Camera tripods and straps
  • Colour correction cards
  • Light reflectors
  • A sufficient number of flash bulbs
  • Batteries

Another point to mention is that a photographer must also have spare parts on hand in the event that a single piece of equipment fails.

Indoor and Outdoor Photography

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are hosting an outdoor retirement party when the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Does the photographer possess the expertise and equipment crucial for conducting his or her services indoors? Any well-versed industry professional is fully aware that environmental variables will sometimes force them to change strategies at the last minute. This position enables them to adapt at a moment’s notice.

Flexible Scheduling

What if you are suddenly forced to change the time or date of the event? Can the photographer accommodate such a decision or will you instead have to search for an entirely new company? This can cause a substantial headache, so make it a point to ask about scheduling and last-minute changes in advance.

Thankfully, Jonathan at Piers Photography boasts more than three decades of experience and he has already captured thousands of memorable events on camera. If you are curious to learn more about our services, please take a moment to get in touch with him at your convenience.