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Model Photography Done Right

Model Photography Done Right

Did you know that the value of the UK fashion and modelling industry is worth in excess of £26 billion pounds (1)? Not only can individuals from all walks of life enjoy what this sector has in store, but the use of a professional photographer will present models in the most amenable light. The only issue here is that this is often easier said than done.

Model photography represents a science as well as a bespoke form of art. This is why appreciating some of the finer points will help to ensure that you put your “best foot forward” at all times. What are some proven tips and tricks to adopt? Let’s see what the team at Piers Photography has to say.

Capturing the Personality of the Individual

Although many photographers use the word “subject” when describing a model, this can sometimes feel slightly generic and even impersonal. It is much better to embrace personality and the unique physical characteristics of each and every model. The ability to describe a persona through a series of images is the best way to display what the individual has to offer. Let’s also remember that this approach will enable a portfolio to stand out from the masses.

All About Creativity

Whether referring to headshots or full body shots, capturing your essence is absolutely essential. Although there are plenty of standard options to choose from, there are also times when a model wishes to provide his or her input during the shoot itself. We encourage this level of interaction, as it could very well open up entirely new possibilities.

Evoking a Sense of Personal Beauty

From mood boards (a collection of wardrobes, backgrounds and materials intended to portray a specific style) to fundamental variables such as lighting or makeup, model photography should represent a synergy of traditional techniques and personalised solutions. This is just as true for those who plan on attending their first session as it applies to individuals who already possess a fair amount of industry experience.

Thankfully, the team at Piers Photography has been providing bespoke modelling services for over 30 years. We therefore posses the ability to cater to your unique tastes while providing a bit of guidance along the way. Feel free to take a closer look at our portfolio or to contact Jonathan in order to book a session at your convenience.