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Urban Photography: Getting the Best Shots of the Big City

Urban Photography: Getting the Best Shots of the Big City

Modern photography represents both an art form and a science. One of the most important principles is being capable of adopting a flexible mindset when dealing with different settings. Urban photography is particularly challenging due to the “busy” characteristics of many locations, so a bit of planning in advance will help to ensure that you capture the most stunning images. Let’s examine some professional tips that have been compiled by the experts at Piers Photography.

Make it a Point to Capture Movement

The lively nature of cityscapes is often one of their most attractive qualities. Why not capture this quality in a static image? Long-exposure lenses and high shutter speeds can be used so that a sense of momentum is recorded when snapping a few photographs. However, we are not only referring to physical motion in this sense. Bold architectural lines and even bustling motorways can likewise display the frenetic personality of urban areas.

Shoot During the “Golden Hours”

The so-called “golden hours” of photography take place one hour after sunrise and an hour prior to sunset. The light associated with these times is generally thought to provide the best opportunities for capturing stunning urban images. You can also take advantage of shadows that are lower in the sky when compared to other times such as noon.

Experiment with Colour

Always make it point to keep an open mind in terms of colours and tones. Although some individuals prefer monochromatic images, these can often leave much to be imagined in terms of minor visual nuances. We need to remember that colour is another component of how a photograph is ultimately composed (2). Never be afraid to think outside of the proverbial box in terms of hues, tones and filters. Photo editing software will come in handy if you wish to experiment without permanently modifying the image.

These three tips will help you to make the most out of an upcoming urban photography session. Of course, there are additional recommendations to appreciate including:

  • Choosing the right camera.
  • Using the appropriate lenses.
  • Be ready for the unexpected.
  • Limit the amount of gear you bring along.

The team at Piers Photo boasts more than 30 years of photographic experience and we are happy to provide a quote for professional photography. To schedule an appointment or to address additional questions please take a moment to get in touch with Jonathan.