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Five Iconic British Photos of the 2020s (So Far)

Five Iconic British Photos of the 2020s (So Far)

The United Kingdom boasts a rich history alongside a host of contemporary wonders to explore. Many of us choose to cherish these attractions in the form of high-quality photographs. While there are indeed numerous images to appreciate, a handful of photos have become iconic in their own time. Let us examine five of the most memorable photos associated with the 2020s to better appreciate what the remaining decade may have in store.

The Cowdray Ruins

This top-down photograph emphasises the sheer size and majesty of Cowdray Castle. As it was taken when the sun was low in the sky, the shadows that were created provide an even greater sense of grandeur and depth. The end result is an image which appears to jump off of the page.

The Highlands Cow

This next photograph serves to reflect the rural roots of the United Kingdom. While the cow indeed occupies the lion’s share of the image, it is set within a stunning natural backdrop. Rural Britons who lived thousands of years ago would be immediately familiar with such timeless settings (1).

The Royal Pavilion at Twilight

The United Kingdom has always been associated with its splendid palaces and this picture exemplifies the sheer opulence of such locations. Taken at dusk and in front of a large reflecting pool, it even boasts an appeal similar to the Taj Mahal in terms of visual duality.

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum has been popular with natives and tourists alike since it first opened its doors in 1881. This photograph illustrates the sheer size of its interior as well as the amazing architectural prowess that went into its overall design. The fact that visitors can be seen walking around further serves to emphasise the scale of the museum.

The Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

This final photograph will likely represent one of the most memorable images of the late Queen Elizabeth II. Billed as the official portrait of her Platinum Jubilee, it depicts a woman of strength and determination while also illustrating her decidedly human and down-to-earth nature (2).

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