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When Photography Fails: Tips for Salvaging Images that Haven’t Come Out Quite Right

When Photography Fails: Tips for Salvaging Images that Haven’t Come Out Quite Right

Even long-term photography enthusiasts make mistakes on occasion. The good news is that there are plenty of ways in which a seemingly hopeless picture can be salvaged with a bit of skill and insight. Let’s take a quick look at some professional tips provided by the team at Piers Photography.

Digital Techniques

It is first wise to review some basic techniques when altering a digital photo. This is arguably the easiest way to correct minor mistakes within a short period of time. Here are some of the options that you are normally provided with:

  • Cropping its dimensions.
  • Applying specific filters.
  • Adjusting fields such as contrast, vibrance and brightness.
  • Zooming in on certain internal elements.

Depending on your budget, consider purchasing powerful software packages such as Adobe Photography Plan, Capture One 22 or Affinity Photo 1.10 (1). GIMP is a free alternative that provides a host of unique editing options.

Addressing Lens Distortion Issues

There are numerous lenses which can be used when capturing an image. The only issue here is that novices may become confused in regard to which one is the most appropriate. As a result, the final photograph may suffer from lens distortion. Many digital cameras are now outfitted with software that can automatically correct such a problem. This is normally found within the editing menu.

Dull Images

This is yet another issue that can arise from time to time. Once again, the remedy is rather straightforward. If you notice that an image is surprisingly dull or extremely dark, it is often possible to change the levels of exposure. Such instances can likewise be prevented in the future by setting the exposure compensation field within your camera to automatic (2).

Too Much of a Good Thing?

It is quite common for photographers to edit their images in an attempt to achieve a specific outcome. However, keep in mind that there is a major difference between salvaging an image and changing its parameters to the point that it appears clumsy and unnatural. In the event that you are uncertain where to begin, it is wise to speak with an expert.

This is when the professionals at Piers Photography. Whether you are frustrated with a recent batch of images or you want to learn more sure-fire tips, take a moment to contact Jonathan. Targeted solutions are always closer than you think!