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Sure-Fire Candid Photography Tips

Sure-Fire Candid Photography Tips

Photographs are always intended to capture a moment in time. While some situations might be scripted (such as taking headshots for a professional CV), others are more spontaneous in nature. This is often referred to as “candid photography”. Recording on-the-spot can still be rather tricky if the right techniques are not employed. Thanks to more than three decades of industry experience, the team at Piers Photography is able to point you in the right direction. Let’s examine a handful of worthwhile tips.

Inform the Guests or Subjects in Advance

Whether referring to a wedding, a business conference or a baby shower, always make it a point to inform guests that both planned and candid photographs will be taken. This is the best way to avoid any misunderstandings. There may also be times when certain individuals do not want to be featured in a candid shot. These variables should be clarified in advance.

Record Images in Burst Mode

Selecting the burst mode on a camera or even a smartphone is one of the best ways to snap a few impromptu images. The main benefit here is that multiple images can be taken within a short period of time (1). The user can then choose which ones are the most attractive.

All About Motion

Telling subjects to “act natural” is generally not a good idea. They tend to become self-conscious and they may even begin to feel awkward. It is instead better to adapt to the situation in question. This often involves moving around to obtain different images and perspectives. Motion also helps to provide unique lighting options as well as a change in background scenery. In other words, never be afraid to experiment.

Ensure that the Individuals are Comfortable

Most experts agree that candid photographs should be taken after staged shots have been completed. Guests are likely to be more comfortable within the associated settings; particularly if we are referring to a more formal event. Those who are at ease with their surroundings and their peers will be more likely to relax and let their natural mannerisms shine through.

Note that these are only a handful of the numerous suggestions which are provided by the team at Piers Photography. Would you like even more practical advice or do you wish to hire one of our professionals? If so, please take a moment to contact Jonathan at a convenient time.