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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: A Great Selection of Photos

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: A Great Selection of Photos

Many of us have closely followed the recent Platinum Jubilee to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II. While much fanfare has been placed upon the events themselves, let’s not forget that some amazing photo opportunities were likewise present. Our team has collated a handful of the most stunning images to peruse.

The Queen Herself

This first photo emphasises the central focus of the entire celebration. We see the Queen pictured in all of her radiant glory; eagerly anticipating what is in store.

An Iconic Family

This next image depicts the royal family watching the events taking place below their balcony. An emphasis upon colour is one of the reasons why it immediately grabbed the attention of our team.


While many photographs of royalty are professionally staged, other opportunities await for keen professionals. The candid nature of the Prince of Wales holding Prince Louis is an excellent way to depict the “softer” side of a family that is often associated with more formal settings.

A Sea of People

This next photograph captures the sheer size of the Platinum Jubilee. It is also an excellent example of how depth can be used to create a slightly three-dimensional illusion. We also particularly liked how the photographer slightly enhanced the colours of the flags to contrast with the organic hues of the crowd.

A Bit of Humour

While many Platinum Jubilee photographs rightfully focused upon pomp and circumstance, capturing more humorous moments were also great ways to display other facets of Her Majesty.

Timeless Beauty

We selected this next image for the sense of regal opulence that it displays. The iconic golden carriage displayed was actually the very same which was used by the Queen during her coronation. This is a perfect example of how a single photograph can be used to convey a sense of visual immortality.

Behind the Scenes

Once again, candid photos are able to speak 1,000 words in regard to what takes place behind the scenes. We decided to highlight this image in order to highlight how the Platinum Jubilee would not have been possible without the help of the general public.

Pride and Admiration

We liked this final image for two reasons. Firstly, the verdant green dress of the Queen punctuated what would have otherwise been considered a rather formal and even drab background. We also loved that the photographer was able to capture the sheer look of admiration that Prince George displayed.

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