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Keepsake and Gift Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Special Moments

Keepsake and Gift Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Special Moments

Even the most precious life events are decidedly fleeting in nature. This is perhaps the reason why mankind created drawings as a means of keeping their memories alive. Weddings, birthdays, family holidays, retirement parties, and a night out on the town with good friends are only a handful of examples. Thanks to digital photography, recalling these treasures has never been easier. However, why relegate them to a photo album or a smartphone hard drive when there are plenty of additional ways to display your favourite moments? Let’s take a look at some unique and original ideas if you wish to showcase your memories with pride.

Personalised Photo Cushions and Sheets

This first suggestion is an excellent way to put a decidedly comfortable twist on an image. Modern printing techniques now allow digital photos to be transferred to fabrics such as pillows, cushions and bedsheets. This is even more relevant if the image was taken with HD technology. The options are nearly endless and the only true limits are associated with the horizons of your imagination.


Calendars have always served a functional purpose and yet, there is no reason why they cannot be used to display fond memories. It could therefore be wise to sift through old photos associated with specific times of the year (such as an autumn trip to an orchard or a summer at the beach). These images can then be used as backgrounds in accordance with the month in question. Whether used in the home or at the office, a customised photo calendar will always put a smile on your face!

Giving the Gift of Memories

There are other ways in which you can display photos with pride. For example, it is possible to use a method known as lithography to transfer a print to materials such as ceramic, metal or plastic. We can now begin to see that there are numerous options at your disposal. Here are some everyday objects to consider:

  • Key chains
  • Coffee or tea mugs
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Lids of glass jars
  • Bathroom tiles

Regardless of your decision, there is no doubt that such gifts will leave a lasting impression.

Mesh-Mounted Photos

This next approach is quite unique and ideal if you wish to imbue your home with an organic flavour. Purchase an old wooden picture frame. Remove the glass and use hemp string to create a supportive netting. You can then tape or glue pictures upon this netting as desired.

A “Fairy Lights” Photo Wall

You could also choose to add a bit of sparkle to your photo collection through the use of LED lighting. A few strings of lights can be placed upon a wall in whatever pattern you choose. All that remains is hanging various picture prints in specific locations. While ideally suited for the bedroom of a child, a fairy lights wall can realistically be placed anywhere throughout your home. Either way, get ready to turn heads!

Thinking Outside of the Box

Note that these are only a handful of bespoke ideas if you wish to display your special moments with pride. Of course, you might be seeking additional advice or you may wish to employ the services of a professional photographer. The good news is that the team at Piers Photography is always here to help. Feel free to take a moment and get in touch with Jonathan. He will be happy to answer any other questions that you may have or to book a session at a convenient time.