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Photographing Cars the Right Way

Photographing Cars the Right Way

Do you take a great deal of pride in your vehicle? Are you a fan of racing or do you wish to show off your four-wheeled beauty? These are some of the reasons why learning how to take stunning photographs is important if you hope to display your car in the most attractive light. However, there is a bit more than meets the eye in terms of the steps that need to be taken. Let us examine some recommendations based off of unique situations and the benefits associated with each.

Social Media Pride

Many social media users regularly display their videos within personal news feeds. In this case, it is wise to “chase the light”. Most experts recommend capturing images early in the morning or immediately after sunset. The sun will be positioned at a lower angle and this tends to add a sense of warmth to your photograph (1). It is also prudent to experiment with different filters; particularly those which accentuate colour and contrast. You vehicle will then be able to leap off of the page and attract a great deal of attention.

Sales-Oriented Projects

Perhaps you are instead advertising a vehicle for sale. In this case, do not embellish too much in regard to filters and editing. This may give the wrong impression to any potential buyers. Try to take a series of photographs within settings associated with the vehicle in question. For instance, capturing a sports utility vehicle in nature will help to display its rugged beauty. Compact models might instead be suited for more urban environments. It could also be interesting to experiment with night photography. This shows off the lines and unique curves of the vehicle itself when contrasted with city lights.

Capturing the Beauty of Moving Vehicles

It can sometimes be challenging to take pictures of moving vehicles. Even fast shutter speeds may result in an overall blurry outcome. Are there any ways to avoid these pitfalls? I recommend setting your shutter speed to 1/125s and following the car as it drives by. Be sure to utilise the burst mode on your camera (2). While not every shot will be perfect, the chances are high that you will still have recorded a handful of stunning images. It may also be interesting to photograph the vehicle after the sun has gone down for an even more eye-catching effect. Above all, do not be afraid to experiment.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Piers Photography has been perfecting the suggestions mentioned above for more than three decades and we happy to share them with you. Still, there are a few other recommendations to keep in mind if you hope to capture the beauty of your vehicle. Try to incorporate these into your overall strategy:

  • Try to minimise the number of foreground and background reflections; particularly if you own a newer vehicle.
  • Use backgrounds that compliment the colour of your car.
  • When placing a vehicle up for sale, include shots of its interior.
  • Be sure to thoroughly wash and clean your car before the day of the shoot.

Piers Photography is pleased to provide even more advice if you have any other questions. Let’s also remember that we specialise in a wide range of other types of photography. From weddings and retirement parties to family gatherings and sporting events, we are only moments away. Do not hesitate to contact Jonathan directly to learn about why so many customers have already chosen to work with our team of trained professionals.