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Realising your acting dreams – how photography helps

Realising your acting dreams – how photography helps

Have you been bitten by the acting bug? Do you wish to display your talents to a receptive audience? If so, the path to success is certainly challenging and it can often be difficult to know where to begin. This is one of the main reasons why it pays to develop a “game plan” from the very beginning. Is there any professional advice to follow? How can you showcase your unique skills in the most effective manner? Why does a picture still speak 1,000 words in terms of acting? Let us take a look at some useful tips to keep in mind throughout your journey.

Appreciate the Different Types of Actors

We first need to appreciate the fact that actors will normally fall into these categories (1):

  • Screen actors (commercials, movies, television, and online series).
  • Stage actors (theatre and live performances).
  • Voice actors (video games, animation, radio, and podcasts).

Knowing which field suits you the best will require a careful analysis of your talents as well as what it is that you are ultimately trying to achieve. Of course, it is often possible to transition from one category into the other (such as is often the case with stage actors who migrate into the film industry).

Learn to Visually Express Your Emotions

Whether you wish to be an extra in an upcoming film or you desire to enjoy the limelight of a leading role, visual cues are critical in this day and age. Learning to become highly emotive can often spell the difference between success and failure. For example, train yourself to display a wide range of facial expressions. Become familiar with how body language can express a certain feeling. Pay attention to how you hold yourself when walking, speaking and interacting with others.

These are all extremely critical when performing a screen test for a potential role. Casting agents will pay close attention to even the smallest of character traits. If you portray an air of confidence and you are capable of conveying specific feelings on command, you will be much more likely to be selected for the part.

Invest in Quality and Professional Photography Services

Of course, myself and the entire team at Piers Photography have worked with many aspiring actors over the years. This is why I can confidently say that professional headshots are some of the most powerful tools within your arsenal. These images are similar to a professional CV when applying for a job within the business community. They speak volumes about who you are and what you hope to achieve. Nothing but the best will suffice. Here are some additional suggestions when scheduling an appointment with one of our experts:

  • Be prepared to take full-body shots as well as headshots.
  • Think about the types of background settings that may be required for your presentation.
  • Practice displaying a number of expressions.
  • Always include full-body shots as a portion of your portfolio (some casting agents may ask for these during the selection process).
  • When appropriate, bring a variety of different wardrobe ensembles.

We can now see that becoming an actor will require a bit of preparation if you hope to succeed. Not only should you be able to display your personal acting “chops”, but working in tandem with an expert photographer is absolutely essential. If you have any additional questions or should you wish to schedule a shoot, I will be more than happy to help. Please contact me at a convenient time.