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Weddings Abroad: Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Weddings Abroad: Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Whether we want to admit it or not, adapting to COVID and the associated restrictions have become the “new normal” in recent times. We have been forced to postpone many plans and to permanently cancel others. However, the world might also be turning an important corner. Experts believe that we may be exiting the so-called “acute” phase of the pandemic by the latter half of 2022 (1). It only stands to reason that important life events could soon become a reality.

For example, have you finally decided to tie the knot abroad? While congratulations are certainly in order, we need to remember that adequate planning will help to avert any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. What practical advice should be taken into account and how can the expertise of a professional wedding photographer make all of the difference in the world?

Gone but Not Forgotten

Although we might have very well been through the worst of this pandemic, there are no certainties. A resurgence could very well occur; causing restrictions to once again be put into place. This is why it is crucial to be prepared for possible cancellations and/or delays. One effective strategy involves purchasing an insurance policy which takes such scenarios into account. If plans do happen to change at the last minute, you will be able to recuperate funds that might otherwise be lost.

Creating a Backup Plan

Imagine for a moment that your wedding will be taking place outside of Europe. These regions are known for their exceedingly stringent restrictions and in the event of even a small outbreak, an alternative destination may very well be required. So, try to have a UK-based backup plan in place.

Carefully research the type of ambience you require as well as the associated venues. As there are literally thousands of domestic destinations to choose from, deciding upon a viable solution is normally well within the realm of possibility. Of course, also address logistical issues such as whether or not it is possible to confirm a last-minute booking in the event that your original plans abroad fail to materialise.

The Weather and the Season

As travelling was out of the question until relatively recently, many of us have become accustomed to the weather associated with the United Kingdom. However, never forget that other regions of the world experience entirely different climates. When planning a wedding abroad, check what season is the most appropriate as well as the conditions that can be expected. After all, there is perhaps nothing worse than arriving at the destination only to realise that it is the middle of the monsoon season!

Leveraging the Expertise of a Professional

Capturing the essence of these special moments should never be left to chance. This is why working with a professional photographer will ensure that nothing is taken for granted. The team at Piers Photography boasts more than three decades of experience and we specialise in weddings abroad. Believe it or not, our team of experts can actually arrive at your chosen destination in order ensure that the day is captured in all of its glory. While you might not necessarily be able to enjoy a holiday abroad on a regular basis, you can certainly take those memories along for years into the future.

Would you like to learn more about our wedding packages? If so, take a few moments to give Jonathan a call. He will be pleased to explain your options in greater detail as well as to schedule an in-depth consultation at your convenience.