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Getting the Most from a Commercial Property Sales Photoshoot: Bit by Bit

Getting the Most from a Commercial Property Sales Photoshoot: Bit by Bit

Were you aware that investments throughout the UK commercial property sector topped an incredible £31.4 billion pounds in 2021 (1)? Not only are more locations being placed upon the open market, but competition has become rife. This is why presenting a potential opportunity in the most attractive manner is key if you hope to secure a sale. So, it only stands to reason that photography will play a crucial role.

Although the team at Piers Photography boasts more than 30 years of experience in regard to weddings, family portraits and intimate events, let us remember that our experts can also provide bespoke commercial services when required. We have therefore compiled a brief how-to photography guide for owners who are hoping to place their commercial premises on the market in the near future. What tips and tricks does our team have to offer?

Preparation Before the Shoot

Cleanliness is next to godliness. This is even more relevant when preparing a commercial location for a real estate photography shoot. We need to remember that a neat and tidy environment will reflect positively upon the company. It likewise illustrates that the property was cared for by the owners. It is wise to begin this process well in advance so that no areas are overlooked.

Presenting Facilities in an Attractive Light

Any photography professional will stress that lighting is crucial. This is perhaps even more relevant when referring to commercial locations, as customers will often be paying based (at least partially) on the physical footprint of the premises. It therefore stands to reason that optimal lighting conditions should be present. It is wise to schedule a session when the maximum amount of sunlight is available. Also, employ indoor fixtures to illuminate areas that are used the most (such as warehouses showrooms and office facilities).

Emphasise the Exterior

The exterior of a commercial property is just as crucial if you hope to accentuate the innate benefits of a real estate venture. Here are some key preparatory tips that can help to ensure no stone is left unturned:

  • Photograph parking lots when they are not at full capacity (this illustrates how many spaces are available).
  • Hire a landscaper to groom elements such as bushes, gardens and lawns.
  • If possible, choose a photographic service which offers aerial photography. These shots will provide a top-down view of the premises as well as nearby areas.

It could also be wise to add a decidedly “human” element into the process. For example, schedule a time when all staff members will be present. This group can then be photographed in an appropriate exterior location (such as where company branding is located or in front of the main entrance).

Work in Tandem with a Trained Professional

Although the steps outlined above are relatively straightforward, many property owners do not posses the time to ensure that they are properly carried out. Furthermore, commercial real estate photography is an art form as well as a science. This is why it is always prudent to leverage the talents of a trained professional.

The team at Piers Photography is able to take the guesswork out of the equation by providing you with targeted solutions. Therefore, nothing will be left to chance. Do you plan on scheduling a shoot in the near future? Are you curious to learn more about how our experts will showcase your location in the best light possible? If so, please take a few moments to contact us directly. You will be amazed with the final results!