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“I do, take two!”

“I do, take two!”

“I do, take two!” – finding love later in life or second time around.

Not every bride and groom look like they have stepped out of the pages of a wedding magazine. Every single couple I work with is unique – they have their own tastes, their own ideas about what they’d like to capture on their special day, their own unique life stories.  For me, that is what makes wedding photography so enjoyable, as if I went to an identikit wedding every weekend, full of cookie-cutter brides and grooms, I’d probably be pretty bored!

Thankfully, more and more people are embracing their individuality and quirkiness on their special day, and society is welcoming and celebrating couples from all walks of life more and more warmly every year.  I love to work with all couples, regardless of age, gender, religion or race, and one of the things I’ve really enjoyed over the past few years is having more ‘older’ couples coming to me for wedding photography, whether they’ve found love second time around or simply found their perfect partner a little later in life.

A few years ago, some of the older couples I work with might not have come to me for a photography package, thinking that professional wedding photography was the reserve of the young with their big, white, extravagant weddings! But it’s not – any special occasion that celebrates love and family deserves to be captured in print with beautiful, tactile memories. Finding love later in life, or second time around doesn’t make that ‘love’ any less, and being able to witness and photograph these weddings is always a great privilege.

So whether you’re saying “I do!” or “I do, take two!”, it’s important to find a photographer who recognises and can capture your unique relationship and special day.  If you’d like more information or would like to chat about your wedding photography requirements, please contact us via email: or telephone: 07787 505786.