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Is your wedding photographer carrying spare equipment?

Is your wedding photographer carrying spare equipment?

wedding photographers BuckinghamshireWith so many years’ experience helping the amazing brides and grooms of Buckinghamshire as one of the regions leading wedding photographers Buckinghamshire, on their special day Johnathan Hilder of Piers Photography Buckingham as put together some of the most interesting questions you should ask your wedding photographer before the special day. These are the questions we would advise you ask your photographer, not just for your piece of mind but also to highlight the competency of the photographer you are working with.

If you need wedding photographers Buckinghamshire its very easy to rush your selection of a photographer, and perhaps pick a photographer who takes amazing photos but if they make the mistake of not planning your wedding correctly then you might find yourself in hot water on the big day. To help you pick the best photographer for your wedding, this week are looking at one of the less obvious questions but one that is still important, “Do you have a complete set of spare equipment?” In our case the answer is an overwhelming yes! Johnathan carries spares of literally every piece of wedding photography equipment you can think of! Thankfully the car has plenty of storage for things like lenses, flashes and even a spare pair of sock!

It’s really important for brides and grooms on their happy day when looking for a photographer to know that nothing will come between them capturing the special day. Johnathan has always lived by the motto fail to prepare, prepare to fail and as any bride will tell very few weddings goes exactly to plan. That’s why we carry spares for all occasions and that includes a spare camera.

One of the most common issues wedding photographers in Buckinghamshire will experience is battery failure. As you can image most of today’s cameras require quite a bit of battery power and a photographer can easily go through 4 or even 5 batteries throughout a whole wedding. Johnathan carries everything you need for your big day, so that every moment is captured perfectly for you to enjoy later.

With planning and preparation, you know your wedding is going to be perfect and so will your wedding photographer. Johnathan uses the latest technology to capture the moments that matter and his personal planning of the photography of your big day really will make all the difference when it comes to have the photos to choose from for your perfect wedding album.

If you are looking for Wedding Photographers Buckinghamshire look no further than Piers Photography. Johnathan Hilder has over 25 years’ experience within the photography industry and is one of Buckinghamshire’s most well respected photographers. Johnathan has won several prestigious accolades including topping the top 10 list of photographers with Master Craftsman with the Guild of Photographers.

Contact Johnathan today for all your wedding photography enquirers by visiting our contact page here.