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Are you covered if your wedding photographer becomes ill?

Are you covered if your wedding photographer becomes ill?

Buckinghamshire wedding photographer

Are you covered if your wedding photographer becomes ill?

At Piers Photography we have over 25 years of working as a wedding photographer and we are proud to have had the opportunity to work with so many brides and grooms to make the special day come true. As one of the region’s most experienced photographers Piers Photography run by Jonathan Hilder has put together a list of articles to help you make the best decision possible when picking the photographer for your wedding.

Finding the perfect wedding photographer can be tricky and even when you have found the right photographer for you there is so much to research into. Don’t rush the selection of your Buckinghamshire wedding photographer find a photographer who not only understands your needs but captures your big day in a style that suits your personality. This week Jonathan is asking the question, “Am I covered if my photographer becomes ill?” To help you be more prepared for your big day.

In Jonathan’s case, the answer is yes of course and it really is a great question to ask. As most wedding photographers are self-employed and work for themselves it can be difficult sometimes to for allot of the photographers in the region to be able to provide cover if they should unfortunately fall ill on the day of a wedding. As Jonathan has over 25 years working as Buckinghamshire wedding photographer he has built up a strong network of photographers that now support each other in times such as these.

Although very unlikely should Jonathan fall ill on the big day, another Buckinghamshire wedding photographer will be on hand to come to your rescue. They will have worked closely with Jonathan, be local and adhere to the same high standards of photography and professionalism that Jonathan adheres to. Your special day will still be captured in the style you always wanted and your story will still have the amazing personal touch that only an experienced photographer can deliver.

When you are choosing a Buckinghamshire wedding photographer don’t forget to ask the question what happens if your ill, to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch. Jonathan Hilder is one of the region’s leading wedding photographers and has a true passion for all things photography. If you are looking for a wedding photographer than Jonathan will be more than happy to discuss your needs with you in a personal and relaxed consolation. Jonathan has won several prestigious accolades including topping the top 10 list of photographers with Master Craftsman with the Guild of Photographers.