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Winter Weddings, have you got a plan B?

Winter Weddings, have you got a plan B?

When considering your winter weddings your minds eye will see the perfect setting in a snow filled scene looking amazing. However the reality of the winter wedding can be a little different, snow can be fun but it will make everyone very cold so think about the dresses and covering for your bridal party.

We live in the UK where wet weather is probably more prevalent than snow so whilst hoping for good weather is great you must be prepared for the rain. You must also be sure that your photographer also has a plan and can cope with a rainy day. So what do you need to do to avoid the issues that a wet or snowy winter wedding can throw at you?

Jonathan’s top tips for a winter wedding

  1. Always think about the time of year of your wedding, when you are buying the outfits for yourself and the bridesmaids, think about wraps and covered arms particularly in winter. A strapless dress may look fantastic but if you want to spend time outside in the winter you will turn blue!
  2. Make sure your photographer has umbrellas as well as the venue and bring some of your own.

    Winter Weddings - Always pack an umbrella as big as you can get
    Always pack an umbrella as big as you can get
  3. Pack a spare of shoes probably flat as this will be easier to walk in outside or why not wear your wellies, these can create great shots and bring real fun to the wet weather.
  4. Have some hand warmers as these can help you keep warm and stop your hands from going very red in the cold, gloves are also good if you want to shoot for longer outside.
  5. Have a plan if the weather is just too wet or cold, somewhere at your venue where you can get the pictures you want, away from the reception. Ask the venue to clear a room for you and your photographer to use.

    Winter Weddings - Plan B when it is too wet outside
    Plan B when it is too wet outside
  6. Think about your make up, waterproof mascara is always good in the rain and just remember the speeches just make you cry.

    Winter Weddings - Pack your tissues just in case
    Pack your tissues just in case
  7. Ask the venue if it is cold and wet and you are planning to go outside to have hot drinks available for you and the guests before and after you go outside. This will warm you up much quicker than alcohol!!
  8. Remember to think warm when you are outside as this will show on the photographs.
  9. Think about what time you are going to have your ceremony and remember what time it gets dark so if you want pictures outside, having a 4.30pm ceremony in winter may not work.
  10. Pick a photographer who has experience of these conditions as they are not easy to work in and require a good understand of light and how to manage people quickly to stop them getting too cold.

Enjoy your winter wedding they can be so much fun.

Winter wedding evening shot
Winter wedding evening shot

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