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A ghost of a smile on the brides face

A ghost of a smile on the brides face

As a wedding photographer based in Bucks I get asked to shoot a number of interesting weddings but not often do I get the opportunity to shoot a ghost in a wedding dress! Halloween brought just such a chance this year with the Hell-Fire caves in West Wycombe and their fright nights and the ghost of Suki in her wedding dress.



Not much of a bridal party or wedding breakfast for this wedding photgrapher just some good old fashion scaring and a queue well down the road.

The rest of the night was just your ordinary everyday werewolves, mad doctors and living dead.

So when it comes to Halloween just come to the caves and enjoy the fun oh and here’s the bride again. I think I really prefer the happy wedding days without the screaming so let me know which one you prefer and I could help you with your wedding too.