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Photography as Art

Photography as Art

In this age of point and click photography, it is often easy to become confused between taking a good photograph and being a professional photographer. This is even more important when you are looking to capture memories of a special event like a family get-together, or a wedding.

Ad hoc, spur of the moment, photographs have their place. They are great for instant memories and can catch moments that appear suddenly. They are also great for sharing online. Sometimes, though, you need something more representative. Something more than you and your family laughing around a table or standing in a group waiting for the club to open. Sometimes you need something special.

When that moment comes, you need to turn to a professional – and not just anyone who advertises on the web, you have to make sure the person you choose to take your special photographs has been recognised to do so. That is why Piers Photography is proud to have joined PWPN, the Professional Wedding Photographers Network.

Using a wedding photographer from PWPN gives you the assurance that you are dealing with a professional. They will have, for example, full insurance, backup equipment should their main tools fail, they understand the event and have the experience and expertise to create a great photo shoot that results in even greater photos. They understand how to create a perfect photograph and will take time to go through the event with you to ensure you get exactly the photographs you want.

A PWPN photographer is also good value for money and, as they are experienced at taking wedding photographs, the can help you make the day run more smoothly. This is very important when you have booked your wedding or event in a hotel. It is important in these places to ensure that everyone eats at the correct time, retires from the meal at the correct time and so on. Your wedding photographer can help you ensure this happens by organising the photography sessions around the other constraints of the day.

Booking a wedding photographer who has been certified by PWPN also ensures that you get the photographer’s full attention. Yours will be the only wedding or event he covers that day, so you know that not a moment or memory will be missed. In essence, choosing a PWPN wedding photographer, means that you get the confidence of knowing that the final pictures will be elegant, funny, beautiful and, most of all, memorable.