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Event Photography – Naphill Riding Club Open Show 2011

Event Photography – Naphill Riding Club Open Show 2011

The photographs are now up on

This year I had wanted to just be there and help Mary my wife who organises the show and enjoy the day, but a last minute call to the photographer booked to cover the event on Friday night and I discovered that we have no photographer, oh dear! So the phone got busy and by Saturday afternoon I had the help of two fantastic people Roger Smith of pics-4-U and the daughter of a friend Elise Reynolds. So we were able to cover 3 rings and have now put up some 1500 pictures of the event. I cannot thank these two enough for their help and good humour and hope I have not used up too many credits in the bank of human kindness for when I next need to ask for a favour, Thanks guys you were great.

The day was a success for my daughter as well, as she was able to do two dressage tests on Ted and come third in both, before charging back to Southampton Uni and then back home to go on holiday, Well done Charlotte. Note to family try to be less busy!

I look forward to next year being bigger and better than this and a great big thank you to all who made the day such fun and running so well.

My thanks to all who made the day, brought me cake and drinks through the day, the judges who made me laugh and the competitors who all tried their best.