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Piers Photo gains more awards in Feb Guild Competition

Piers Photo gains more awards in Feb Guild Competition

Another good result from the February competition with even a silver award, which I am really pleased about. My wedding images again all won Bronze and in the open I had a silver Bronze and a commended. Hope I can keep this up in March!

I had an interesting conversation with an organisation that had booked me then without any reason other than a change in committee chose to use an unqualified photographer with no insurance and did not understand that this could cost a business income. I just hope they have no need of his insurance, but if you are booking events please ask the following questions to ensure you get what you need.

I would strongly recommend that whoever you are employing that you ask the following questions:

  • To see their insurance
    • Public Liability suggest £5M
    • Employers liability( if more than one person attending)
    • Professional Indemnity insurance
    • Equipment insurance
    • Ask to check that all equipment is PAT tested otherwise it will invalidate the venues insurance and you could become liable
    • Look at their work and see if it is what you want
    • Ask for 3 other organisations they have worked for and speak to them
    • Ensure that they carry spare equipment
    • Check the prints are made with a long life dye sub printer
    • Ask for a risk assessment and method statement of the event
    • Ask if the venue has used them before
    • Ask when the last time they went on a training course

    You must protect your interests in today’s litigious climate and ensure that there is no comeback on your committee or organising body.

Well enjoy the rest of the week end and hope the sun is shining for you, having spent the morning sitting in a park taking pictures of horse going through the water and then being delivered cake it hardly can get better then that!