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Event Photography – My favorite event of the year!

Event Photography – My favorite event of the year!

As a photographer there are certain event s that always sit in your mind as great fun and you always look forward to them, for me its the Brinkworth and Earl Danby Spring Ball. This event held in the grounds of a small primary school is a fine example of a complete community pulling together and in the face of hard times still getting 300 people together and having a fantastic time. Not only that they understand how much space event photographers need!!

The marque looked a picture and the bar changed colour all night and no I had not been drinking.

The evening when very well but for me one of the stand out items were the 7 staff of the Bristol Cribbs causeway Disney Store who all gave up their time and came to help as volunteers to ensure this charity function had the help it needed. It restores your faith in human kind to see this. Also a great set of Event pictures for the evening.

You can see all the pictures at So after a long night we headed home, pleased with the fun we had had and the good comments ringing in our ears.

On Sunday night I had the pleasure with mothers day of taking my Mum to a local village hall called Little Missenden, where a great friend Tom Wakley brought the West End to the country. For one night only, Anita- Louise Combe star of the West End entertained us to a full range of songs from the musical theatre, not only is she good but she performs amongst you and with the grand piano just feet away the music truly just does wash over you. Another great evening.

Enjoy your week