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Do Photographers need training?

Do Photographers need training?

We are all looking for a great job to be done and would not dream of using an unqualified accountant or a lawyer who has not been to law school, why is it that we don’t seem to mind if a photographer has not been to school or is not qualified. I strongly believe that we should all undertake training in our chosen profession and to this end I spent time at the S.W.P.P. conference in January looking for my new trainer for the next year. Some were brash, some defied belief, (an international wedding photographer who takes 6000 images a wedding!!).

Well I found my man. He is Damien Mcillicuddy check out his website here. A man who has a passionate belief in qualifications and who is an international star of the photographic world but not his fault he lives in Warrington (its along way from Bucks) A very good start to the course of Mentor Me on Steriods and my thanks to him and Leslie for making us so welcome. Also to Charlie the ever patient model.

Now the home work starts and working through my camera bag and its lenses, and then a beauty shot of my own to be judged by Damien with his black pen.

I would also recommend caution in booking the Travel Lodge in Warrington which is awaiting a refit. It really needs it!!

A great week end with my daughters back from University and then off into the rain and cold to watch my wife and her horse Ted, compete in the Area Show Jumping. Could really have done with the weather from Saturday but its good to see the whole of Naphill Riding Club out with two teams and great support. The first round an excellent attempt with one rushed fence and 4 points but the second at 90cm was fantastic with a clear round not bad for her first real show jumping outing on the new horse! Then when we got home so many text and phone calls from the club, what a real support they are.

You can find out what they get up to here:

Horrible light and working without mono pod meant it was a difficult setting to capture really good pictures, but here Ted on his way round.

Now must pack for Paris and then Brussels and another busy week